Thermal treatment and drying of wood

• Thermal kilns of own development
• Patented technology
• EAC Declaration of Conformity
• Heat treatment of the finished product

Heat treatment of a test batch (up to 0.5 m³) FREE of charge

Termolesprom offers heat treatment services for wood and finished products, including planed mouldings.
We designe our own thermokilns. Our heat treatment technology can effectively treat even "problematic" wood species like larch and oak.

  • 9 years on the market
  • Own patented thermotreatment technology
  • Over 200 regular customers
  • Over 300 m³ of wood heat treated monthly

Wood Thermal Treatment

Heat treatment of a test batch (up to 0.5 m³) FREE of charge

Our KIT kilns thermally treat wood in a saturated steam environment with a maximum excess pressure of 0.65 atm. This prevents the wood from overdrying to 0% moisture content, avoiding pyrolysis. The material retains its natural characteristics, has higher bending strength, and has a moisture content of 2-4% after the process. Additionally, there is no unpleasant burnt odor.

The processing temperature ranges between 140 and 200 degrees.
Every 10 degrees produces a distinct color spectrum, ranging from light beige to dark brown. Furthermore, increasing temperature causes polysaccharide crystallization in wood, making it harder.

Cost of wood thermal treatment services

  • Edged board

    Price per 1 m³

    10,000 RUB

  • Unedged board

    Price per 1 m³

    12,000 RUB

  • Wooden Slabs and Offcuts

    (thickness over 65 mm) / Price per 1 m³

    15,000 RUB

Kilns for Wood Thermal Treatment

• Manufacturing and selling kilns for wood thermal treatment
• In-house development. Made in Russia
• Patented technology and service maintenance
• EAC declaration of conformity
• Payback period starting at 8.5 months

Wood Thermal Modification

Price on request

Wood thermal treatment in KIT kilns provides:
  • Consistently reproducible results
  • Perfect uniformity throughout the length and volume of the stack
  • Thermal treatment of any wood species, as well as planed stock
  • Outout material moisture content of 2-4%
  • Wider range of wood applications
  • Long-term warranty on wood products with no additional conditions which can last up to 25 years depending on the finished product

Properties of Thermally Modified Wood

  • Geometric stability
  • Being resilient to environmental factors. Thermal wood can withstand temperature fluctuations, rain, snow, and high humidity.
  • Durability. Thermally modified wood products have a significantly longer service life.
  • Resistance to microorganisms, mold, fungi, and pests.
  • Aesthetic appearance
  • Environmentally friendly materials. Thermal treatment does not involve the use of any chemicals.