Thermal Modification Kilns for wood heat treatment

• Proprietary Patented Technology
• EAC Declaration of Conformity
• Payback period starting at 8.5 months
• Warranty and post-warranty maintenance.
• Leasing options.

Thermal Modification Kilns for wood heat treatment

The company "THERMOLESPROM" is engaged in the production of equipment for drying and thermal treatment of wood (Thermal Modification Kilns). This equipment and technology are the company`s own development and intellectual property.

For 10 years of work, Thermal Modification Kilns have proved themselves as high-tech equipment, easy to operate, reliable, maintainable in comparison with similar equipment with low cost of heat treatment process and high quality of products, short cycle of heat treatment.
Such indicators allow to process up to 120 m3 of sawn timber monthly on one thermal chamber with max. volume of simultaneous loading 4,5m3.
We would like to emphasize that our technology allows to qualitatively thermo-treat wood species, which are considered "problematic" by manufacturers of thermo-wood, namely: larch, oak, as well as beams and slabs.
The offered equipment for heat treatment of wood is the last modification of thermo-chambers, in which the function of convection blowing of the stack (heat treated package) is added, which allowed to reduce the time of heat treatment by 30 - 40% and to get 100% uniformity of wood color as well as to prevent corrosive processes of chamber walls.

  • 15 years of experience in the development of Thermal Modification Kilns
  • Our Thermal Modification Kilns are installed from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, as well as in Europe.
  • 100


    Electricity consumption per
    1 m3 of lumber
  • 60

    m3 per month

    Average Capacity of 1 unit
  • 48


    Average Drying Time
  • 24


    24-36 hours - average Heat treatment time

Leasing Purchase

We partner with trusted leasing companies.

Thermal Modification Kilns are available for leasing.
This is a great way to get started with our equipment at a low cost and without paying property taxes.
Currently, we work with the “Interleasing“ company. You can also choose another reputable organization.

  • Окупаемость от 6 месяцев

Advantages of the technology

• Convenience and ease of transportation and connection.
• Possibility of drying of lumber, with subsequent
heat treatment. This mode is limited by wood humidity of 8-20%.
•Small fractional loading (possibility of loading from 1m³).
- Total capacity of one unit up to 100 m3 per month, with the possibility of output (3.5 m3) every 36-48 hours.
• Possibility of heat treatment of finished products with minimal
• Possibility of heat treatment of problematic wood species such as oak or larch. Since the chamber temperature varies from 120°C to 190°C. The wood at this temperature remains intact and does not crack.
• Simple and reliable operation.

The process of Thermal Modification Kilns operation is fully automated

What is a Wood Heat Kiln

The Wood Heat Kiln is an autoclave with induction heating, operating at industrial frequency 50Hz 380V. The coil, located on the outer surface through a layer of electrical insulation, is part of the oscillating circuit. The magnetic field induced by the alternating current flowing in the coil heats the metal of the chamber walls to a depth of 10-12mm.
The coil is located on the entire outer surface of the chamber, so that the heating of the chamber walls is uniform, which allows you to get a uniform temperature field inside. At the same time, the temperature difference between the walls of the chamber and its interior does not exceed 10 degrees.

Such parameters allow to apply high heating rates without the risk of local overheating.
Experimentally found the optimal heating rate of about 7 - 10 degrees per hour. It is also established that induction heating allows to refuse expensive solid lining of the inner surface of the autoclave with stainless steel, the temperature of the walls is always higher than the temperature of the medium and the stack, because of which, there are no conditions for condensate.

Additionally, the klins have a function of accelerated drying of lumber at high temperatures (105-120C) in a steam environment of variable pressure (0 - 1Atm).

  • 15 years of experience in the development of Thermal Modification Kilns
  • Our thermocouples are installed from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, as well as in Europe.